Watsu for a pregnant woman

Watsu for a pregnant woman in living water

Every pregnant woman wants to be in living water for herself and her baby.
Feel the quiet frequency of the living water resonating inside.
The temperature of the water is safe and the treatment itself is very very gentle, with an emphasis on breathing connection
Connection to the feeling of the fetus and the feeling of deep relaxation
The treatment lasts 50 minutes, after which you will receive a towel for the shower with soap and organic shampoo.

50 minutes

Connection to the fetal sensation


Back to the womb

“Now I understand how it feels in my stomach … why would anyone want to get out of there?”

A time of quiet with yourself

Your quality time with yourself and the fetus.

Immediate relief

Once you get into the water, all the weight will disappear and you will remember what it feels like to be light and relaxed.

It's your time to connect to your power

After an hour of weightless levitation and worries in the living water
You will feel much more optimistic and calm
Connected to this wonderful experience of creating life.