Living Water Meditation Workshop

Workshops in living water

The workshop lasts around two hours and is a kind of shortcut to a deep and even spiritual inner experience.
After an introduction and a brief explanation of water, we will create a kind of human mandala in water.
You will float on your back, with your head supported by a pillow.
The special lotus that is in the compound, and the legs are supported by a buoy
The ears gradually enter the water, the muscles of your neck relax.
And you allow your whole body to rest easily and quickly
You can coordinate a custom workshop or join one of the workshops on the spot.
Suitable for mature families, staff, companies as a formative and inspiring activity.
The purchase is conditional on a minimum of 5 people.

120 minutes

A spiritual inner experience


Water workshop


The levitation in living water changes the brain waves and allows for an experience of deep relaxation in a short time and without effort.

Listen to silence

The quiet frequency of living water resonates inward and allows you to connect to the quiet. In the silence there are many answers.

Your time with yourself

The connection inside is instant and one can easily connect to the heart, connect to the breath and connect to the soul.

It's time to take care of yourself

Even if you have never tried meditation / mindfulness
And even if it’s part of your routine
The levitation in living water will surprise you.
Once the body has calmed down, one can enter the level
Deeper of the silence of the thoughts
And from there into your deep inner being