Reducing stress and returning to balance

Premium treatment with living water to reduce stress

No need to strain to relax. The simplest and most natural way to relax and return to balance is with the help of water. The treatment lasts an hour and a half and combines immersion in a therapeutic living water bath to relieve physical / mental pain. Living water treatment, meditation and guided imagery that will help you put peace in your head. Being stressed is not a life sentence, it is possible to bring balance and harmony by improving the water in your body.

90 minutes

Relief of physical / mental pain


Effortless meditation

No mental effort is required to relax The experience in living water will bring you to a meditative state and bring the brain waves to a state of deep relaxation.

living Water

The neutral and quiet frequency of the living water allows you to have an accurate experience, allows you to clean the energetic charge and experience significant relief at the voltage level.

A sense of security

Feel support, trust, allow yourself to give up control and forget about the load.

It's time to take care of yourself

Life summons countless reasons and situations to be stressed
It prevents you from facing life’s challenges
Hurt you and those close to you.
I invite you to come for a holistic approach therapy that I have developed
A treatment that will significantly reduce stress.