Watsu in living water for a pregnant woman

Super gentle and soothing treatment.
After an hour of weightless levitation and worries in the living water
You will feel much more optimistic and calm
Connected to this wonderful experience of creating life

50 minutes



Gift Wrap

חושבים שהמוצר הזה מושלם לאדם אהוב? אפשר לקנות גיפט קארד עבור הפריט הזה!

Every pregnant woman wants for her and her baby to be in the living water.
Feel the quiet frequency of the living water resonating inside.
The temperature of the water is safe and the treatment itself is very very gentle, with an emphasis on connecting to the breath
Connection to the feeling of the fetus and the feeling of deep relaxation
The treatment lasts 50 minutes, after which you will receive a towel for a hot and fragrant shower with soap and organic shampoo.


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