Couple’s workshop in living water

Double levitation workshop in living water

A double buoyancy workshop, without the presence of therapists, suitable for the religious sector. I will welcome you and give you a brief introduction in the background. The voice instructions you will hear will explain to you, in a very simple way, how to support each other in the water. And how very simple to release the weight of the daily routine from the shoulders and be together. Especially for couples who want to be together and go through this exciting experience but have a hard time with the presence of therapists I have developed this product.

90 minutes

Deepening the spiritual connection


Simple and clear

No need for prior knowledge, no need to know how to swim, everything is very simple.

Deepen the connection

Water is an element that connects and conducts energy. The experience is designed to allow you to deepen the spiritual connection between you.

Wash the routine off of you

Forget the tasks, clean the communication between you, the house, the work, the children and just let the living water take away the feeling of clutter.

It's time to take care of yourself

Life summons countless reasons and situations to be stressed.
It bothers you to face the challenges of life and hurts you and those close to you.
I invite you to come for a holistic approach therapy that I have developed
A treatment that will significantly reduce stress.