Personal Watsu treatment

Personal Watsu treatment with living water

Water treatment allows immediate connection inside, connection to breathing, and pain relief.
The quiet frequency of living water affects inwardly the water in the body and allows for an experience of deep relaxation.
The water treatment changes the brain waves and the effect is felt even hours after.

50 minutes

An experience of deep relaxation


Back to the womb

A powerful body-mind treatment that allows you to return to the feeling of protection of a fetus in the womb.

A time of quiet with yourself

The ears go into the water and the connection inside is instant allowing you to connect to the heart, to connect to the breath to connect to the soul.

A sense of security

Feel support, trust, allow yourself to give up control and forget about the load.

You Deserve

Personal Watsu treatment is the perfect gift for yourself or another loved one
You can order a single treatment or a series of treatments and start a journey of silence and relaxation.