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The first course of its kind in the world delivered in living water

Learn to be an excellent therapist, in living water, without interruptions and distractions.
The living water revives everything that comes in contact with them and clears noises so that your body and mind will enjoy their beneficial effect, throughout the course.

Go through a personal healing process in living water

The entire course is delivered in living water, so your very stay in them will already take you through a meaningful and deep personal care process. Beyond the professional knowledge I will pass on to you, through your personal experience in the living water, you will be a better therapist. You have the opportunity to go through a deep therapeutic process and through it develop into your next level as a therapist.

A boutique course with a personal touch

I only accept up to 8 students! Registration depends on an introductory conversation and match with me. I want whoever completes my training to be like a diamond so it is very important for me to get to know and connect with each and every one of the course.
I’m looking for great therapists who might be able to fit into the team of therapists of “A Different Drop”.

Let's be a part of the pioneers

Being in the first class of the “Another Drop” school for training living water therapists, means that you get to receive from me first all the new knowledge I want to transfer. This means that you have the opportunity to be among the first in the country and in the world to have completed a course in training live water therapists. There is a line here for the whole field of treatments in general, and in water in particular!

Become an excellent therapist

Water is a huge love in your life, but what do you already know about water? Want to understand more in depth what is water in general and in particular, what is living water?
Maybe you once learned Watsu and have a longing to return to the water and refresh your abilities as a therapist
You may have been treating water for several years, but you are bored with treatments. Something is missing in your ability to connect to the treatment and you have a feeling that you are repeating yourself.
Maybe you are a therapist from another field in general and you have a desire to expand your range of treatments. You have a desire to go through a significant personal process for yourself and also to learn a new therapeutic tool.

Tired of having a "fun" treatment

You are tired of being a “fun” treatment, you want to touch the soul. There is a gap between what is possible and the experience of your patients.
You have a desire to understand the deep meaning of living water treatment.
You may feel that you are a wider conduit, but are looking for a greater light source, so that you can express your potential, so that you can make a better impact.
This is your opportunity to upgrade the treatment from another gift for Valentine’s Day, to an experience of deep healing for body and mind.

Instead of being busy if your patient is comfortable in the neck

Many therapists describe a feeling of insecurity when it comes to your support of the patient’s head. It prevents you from connecting to the depth of the therapeutic experience. In the technique I will teach you, you can deliver most of the treatment, without worrying about interesting head support. It will change your treatment experience significantly.

Who is the course for?

Beginner / veteran water therapists, who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge and healing abilities.
2. Land therapists, who want to expand their therapeutic knowledge and combine it with with principles from the field of living water.
3. People who want to start caring and feel that heaven is their space and medium.
4. People who believe that a concentrated and comprehensive training process will allow them to go through a significant personal process at all levels.
5. The intensive course is suitable for people who live far away and want to dedicate themselves to an intensive learning process.

Admission to the course is conditional on a personalization call.

What does the course include?

New knowledge about living water treatment
The entire course is delivered in living water and includes a lesson with Ron Kedar on water and living water
A deep personal process in healing living water
You have the opportunity to go through a deep therapeutic process and through it develop into your next level as a therapist
Possibility to join my team of therapists
I'm looking for great therapists who might be able to fit into the team of therapists of "Another Drop"
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A five-and-a-half-day intensive course in a special format, led by Orly Gal.
A lesson on water and living water, led by Ron Kedar.

At the end of the course, there is an internship of 3 full treatments, including detailed feedback.

Enrichment Workshops:

1. Introductory shading workshop with Oren Pezi, using the Natural Flow method

2. Recorded lesson with Oshrit Gur on pricing and marketing. Especially important for therapists!

3. A workshop on DJ sounds in living water with Ida Robin. In the workshop it floats in the living water and the vibration of the dig can be vibrated to every cell and compartment in the body.

4. Water workshop and dreaming with Chen Rotem to deepen our connection to the water element.

5. A circle of listening and healing in living water to the wisdom of the body with Gila Amir Marcus

A total of 45 academic study hours !!!

The intensive course is a different experience! It’s time to dump her and move on.
Get to a week that will connect you back to your natural rhythm. In addition to the technique I will teach you, I also prepare for you various in-depth workshops to deepen your connection and level of listening, a really different experience.

Orly Gal - a little different

I founded “A Different Drop” in 2007, out of a desire to establish a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle, the noise and the pressure.
I am a Wingate Certified Hydrotherapist and an internationally certified Watsu Therapist.
I am very interested in everything related to water-consciousness-energy and the information I have accumulated over the years, has led me to develop a unique approach to me and the place.

Ron Kedar - From Creation

One of the leading independent researchers
In the field of water resuscitation in Israel and around the world. The owner of the Mibria company. I gained most of my knowledge about water and living water directly from him.
I can tell you, after years of getting to know him, that he is a very reliable and generous person in the knowledge he imparts. A great teacher, with knowledge as broad as an ocean.

Pazi Pine - Natural Flow

Hydrotherapist, certified Watsu at international level. Creates the Natural Flow method, leads workshops for water therapists, physiotherapists and hydrotherapists. Combines various elements, Reiki, and various contact techniques in above and below water treatment. “Another Drop” for over a decade and is a huge gift for anyone who comes to learn from it or get treatment from it.

Oshrit Gur-Entrepreneurship and Business Consulting

Oshrit Gur, entrepreneur and business consultant for over a decade. Oshrit has the Nika brand, which deals in the field of fashion and lifestyle and specializes in accompanying physical businesses, commercial, e-commerce, small companies and business consulting to service providers from all fields.
For me, personally, she has helped bounce the branding of the business and the sales cycle on several levels. Beyond her professional knowledge and experience, she is hooked and has a wisdom you will not find in books.

What is the price of the course?

The price of the course is NIS 6,800

Price for pre-registration until 10/6 is only 6,200 NIS!

Places available at the moment

Limited to 8 subscribers

Questions and Answers

This is a different technique. What they have in common is that they are both welcomed. During the course, we do not focus on a specific sequence of movements.
There is a therapeutic approach, which harnesses the living water to the healing process and return to the patient’s balance.

Do not worry, the knowledge already exists within you. It’s just like riding a bike. During the course, your knowledge will be refreshed and you will learn to speak the language of “another drop”.

Yes, absolutely. At the end of the course, you will have the basic knowledge to treat living water and you will be able to treat the people you love.

Yes, the course involves men / women. It is possible to arrive in modest attire.

To be certified in “Another Drop” there is a mandatory attendance at all our sessions. If you miss one session, you need to complete later.

As in any therapeutic field, to specialize you need more than one and only one course. If you have a desire to work in other pools and this is your first course in water, I highly recommend undergoing further training. I would love to recommend you great teachers.
If you are already treating water, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your therapeutic level, significantly, and combine the knowledge with other blessings.

I invite you to get organized right now about accommodation. There is a wide variety of B & Bs in the surrounding communities: Amnon, Korazim, Had Nes, Gamla, Ramot, Kidmat Zvi and more …

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Promises to return to each and every one.

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