effortless meditation

Living water workshop

a shortcut to a spiritual experience

living water workshops

Allow yourself to recharge and fill your body with high energy of love and compassion
You will be surprised to realize just how easy it is to deeply relax
Feel how living water  can help you shift your life experience and  levels of well being
It is fun and easy to follow what I will guide you through
No previous knowledge is required
Come with your dear ones and enter my living water pool

Deep Relaxation

An effortless way to deeply relax
and change your brain waves into a meditative state of being
This is a shortcut to a spiritual experience

Enjoy the Silence

Living Water are clean of man made noise and enables you to enjoy the silence, to quite your mind

Take your time

It’s your time to connect with yourself, with your heart and your soul

Living Water Meditation

Easy & Fun Meditation

Even if you are a complete stranger to
Meditation or Minfullness
Don’t worry, and leave it all to the water.
Living Water Meditation allows you to easily quite your mind and experience a deep relaxation like you have yet to know