Aquatic Body & Mind Restart


Placed on the northern side of Sea of Galilee, is a beautiful private and peaceful heated pool where you can enjoy an amazing Body & Mind experience.


T-Pa is the place where people come to relax in warm water, to disconnect from the hussle, the stress...and reconnect to themselves.


You can come by yourself or as a couple for a private session.

You can come as a group for aquatic workshops.


One thing is for sure, you will feel absolutely great after spending some time in this special place.


Aquatic session


Private Aquatic Therapy Session -


A deep relaxation experience in warm water for individuals and couples.   

The session dures 50 minutes and combines different techniques such as:   WATSU, WLP, WATER DANCE.

Each session combines stretches, gentle movements of the spine and joints, massage connection to your breath and is performed regarding your specific needs.


Aquatioc Workshops -


We offer aquatic workshops for groups who seek a way to relax and enjoy together the beneficial effects of water over body & mind.


WLP workshops -    The WLP technique creates a magical bridge between land and water body techniques.

It provides you with an easy way to support your friend / family member / loved ones in while they are floating in warm water.

The workshops come in different levels, starting from intro. & basic levels, open to everyone, and up to advanced workshops for therapists.


Meditation workshops - The workshop is suitable for 4-12 person.

After entering the warm water in the pool, you will float effortlessly on your back with the help of WaterLotusPillow and leg floats. you will be guided through stress relief breathing techniques and you will easily experience freedom and relaxation all over your body.

After floating for a while, you will be able to forget your physical boundaries and you will become one with water.

It is a safe easy way to let go of pain, worries, plans etc’...and just be present.

Meditation is known as a way which can relieve stress and anxiety, improve the feeling of well being and it can also be a spiritual experience.

There is no need in any knowledge or background, this is a safe shortcut to relax your body & mind.

You are welcome to enter the warm water and experience a deep relaxation state of mind in a way you have never experienced before

Aquatic Body & Mind             Restart