Reduce Stress & regain balance


using the power of Living Water

Stress FREE therapy

Relaxing is easy
You don’t have to struggle your way into relaxation
The most easy and natural way to relax is by Living Water

90 minutes session in Living Water
Helps you restart your Body  & Mind energy

450 NIS

Living Water

Living Water allows you to clear your energetic charge and significantly reduce your stress levels

טיפול להפחתת סטרס

Safe & Protected

Once you feel fully supported and protected, just like a baby in your mother’s womb
You can let go and trust the
loving energy you will meet

I call it “Return to Innosence”


Effortless Meditation

Relaxing is easy & simple
Many report having a meditative experience without even trying
That’s the beauty of  Living Water

Living Water stress Free therapy

Relax & Recharge

Life is full of stressful situations
Flights, Relationships, Career, EMF
My Holistic approach allows you to clear this stress out of your system, using the power of Living Water

Living Water resonates into water molecules inside your body and harmonises it’s vibration